HOWTO Request a booking

You can request a booking using the 'request booking' page. You will have to fill in information, providing your contact information, the reason for the booking, what exactly you want to book, and when. To save you time, some of the form will be pre-filled based on the information from your user profile. If you are confused by any of the fields in this form then please click on the help icon next to the field.

Before you submit the booking request you will be shown a page containing the main details - such as the date and time. Please confirm these are correct before continuing.

At this point the booking will be entered into the system as a 'provisional booking' and the booking administrator will be emailed. It is then up to them to approve to reject the booking. You will be notified by email when they make this decision, and the provisional booking will be converted into a full booking or deleted as appropriate. The booking administrator may wish to confirm some of the details before making this decision, so please ensure you've provided accurate contact information (especially an email address) to enable them to do this.